Multan, the City of Saints

One of the biggest conurbations of the country of Pakistan, Multan has an area of more than 3,500 sq. km. and consists of several tehsils, such as Jalalpur Pirwala, Shujabad, Multan Sadar etc. As far as its climate is concerned, the city experiences an arid weather with the moderate winter season and quite hot summers. Moreover, there is absolutely no lack of fantastic and intriguing touristic magnets that keep holidaymakers engrossed and do not let them feel bored on their trip to the city. In fact, visitors can easily spend a couple of days just exploring places of interest and soaking up the verve Multan has to offer.

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Let’s have a look at several of the enticing and famous things to see in the city…

Clock Tower

Also known as “Ghanta Ghar”, it’s a highly acclaimed site and recognized for being the old city’s landmark. Constructed in the course of colonial eras, the square went through renewal and has turned out to be a prime and significant landmark in the urban.

Hussain Agahi Bazar

It can be said to be a striking all in one marketplace and is, beyond doubt, worth paying a visit on your holiday in Multan. Don’t forget to taste flavorsome sweet delicacies. Handcraft admirers would find something great for them as well. Aside from this, visitors can find all types of shops here in addition to the spice bazar and exploring all these is a unique experience in itself. What is more, Hussain Agahi Bazar is a wonderful place where tourists can discover and purchase oils of approximately 100 animal as well as plant sources. Book flights from London to Multan and enjoy the trip with friends.

Cantonment Park

It is an arresting boutique park accompanied by theme gardens’ sub-sections. Here vacationers can catch a fabulous glimpse of cactus garden, rose garden, palm garden, Japanese garden and a lot more. It also features a lovely artist corner, library and theatre performance space. Additionally, alfresco gyms for men and women together with an interesting clay jogging track can also be found in the park.

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